Testimonials from our clients

We have helped a lot of people to recover from different kind of injuries. Below is a collection of testimonials from a handful of our past clients who have benefited from our therapies. 

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From Our Clients

I visited Lake Sports Therapy over the last few months concerning persistent lower back pain. The physio treatments with Rich have been very impressive as well as effective. Rich is very friendly, always willing to help and has improved the state of my lower back pain significantly as well as my posture. So glad I chose Lake Sports Therapy and I would definitely recommend him. 

Isabella Bremhorst Daza

I saw Richard to help with rehab on a long-term, painful knee. He did a thorough assessment and identified some key problem areas in my legs/hips and then got to work on them! Deep tissue massage, some myofascial release and some joint manipulation and I left feeling looser and in noticeably less pain. as I’m sure he would help me fully recover and run again. Thank you!

Rebecca De Lorenzo

I played a lot of cricket and struggled with lower back pain when bowling. Richard was amazing at releasing tension and fixing my lower back pain. I had a tight muscle in my upper glute and rich managed to fix it with a few sessions. My bowling has improved and I’m able to bowl with ease now. Very happy with the service.

Jon Le Grange

Richard was instrumental in the strengthening and stabilisation of my knees. The strengthening exercises and stretches provided have made a massive difference to my running and enabled me to not have to use my hinged knee guards. I found Richard to be patient and approachable and would definitely recommend.

Lucas Harbourd

I first contacted Rich at Lake Sports Therapy for a sore elbow. After a check of elbow, arm and shoulder, Rich found that there was a problem with the shoulder that probably were a part of the problem. Nothing I never had thought about. Good holistic approach for the problem and lots of good treatment including trigger points, massage and stretching in combination with good description of how the muscles work and located. I will give my best recommendation for Rich at Lake Sport Therapy.

Andreas Westander

Since the beginning of September I have had pain (sometimes severe) in my left thigh. It started in my hip and beamed down. Not exercising for a few weeks (running and indoor cycling) did not help. I have now had 4 treatments and it is unbelievable what the effect is. It really benefits me a lot!I am doing sports again 3 times a week without any problems and everything feels a lot better. He knows what he is doing, gives specific treatment and advises on stretching exercises. In short: a great guy with knowledge

Esper Koggel